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Joep Wanders : Decades : The Sixties : Detroit City for 5 guitars & bass: Joachim Trekel Musikverlag

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Joep Wanders

Joachim – Trekel – Musikverlag : Score and separate parts ( 9,3,3,3,3,3,and 3 pages respectively )

Here is another in the series ‘The Decades’ where Wanders writes for a guitar quintet plus a bass (or a guitar orchestra of course) .This latest one take us back to the sixties and Motown (the sub-title of the piece is Decade of Motown ) and similarly to the 70s book, reviewed elsewhere, this is a relatively short piece (80 bars including repeat) that is written in a modern/pop style where every instrument has a single note line throughout the piece, and where every part is carefully written so that there are plenty of multiple harmonies at every point in the work. The writing is full of pop rhythms with lots of opportunities for the players to learn to play syncopated melodies.

The piece is only moderately difficult, and again the range is only up to fret 8 on string one on the first guitar with the other parts staying away from string one completely. As such this is definitely aimed at the less talented players who would benefit hugely from the chance to play some fun music that, whilst they are learning it, would improve their playing abilities considerably, as a great deal of the time the parts are rhythmically the same for long periods, so players have to be able to play in time completely, without any trouble. Again, a fine piece of writing from Wanders

Chris Dumigan

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