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Juan Falu & Marcelo Moguilevsky  : Folklore Argentino, Improvisaciones: CD

TRADITIONAL/ IMPROVISATIONS: De la raíz a la copa ; La tristecita; Pampa de los Guanacos ; Selección de valses; Nube Gris ; Amarraditos ; Subo; El bien perdido;  Jacinto Chiclana; Buscapié ;El choclo; La añera ;Del 55 ; Resistencia; Nieblas del riachuelo;La vieja; Zamba para no morir. 

Juan Falu ( Guitar), and Marcelo Moguilevsky (wind instruments etc.)

EPSA : 0020 – 02


This is a rather different album to the norm, but really good in spite of its difference. Take a really good guitarist, mix him with a wind instrument player, who can play a number of different instruments  and then give them a bunch of pieces and let them improvise over them as much as they want, and you get the CD I have here.

I must be honest and admit that I really didn’t know any of these pieces, but I’m sure there are plenty of you that do. Not that that matters, as they are very melodic, interesting pieces, and with a Latin/jazz feel that so many of you will love.

The playing is exceptional for both players and the variety of pieces such that you are never bored, or fed up of hearing the same thing over and over again, as can happen with some albums.


This is definitely a CD to get if the style appeals to you. It is well recorded too.


Chris Dumigan


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