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Kaare Norge  : Beatles from My Heart : CD

LENNON/McCARTNEY: Let it Be; And I Love Her; Here There and Everywhere; Penny Lane; Norwegian Wood; Yesterday; Girl; Hey Jude ; All My Loving ; Eleanor Rigby ; Michelle ; Blackbird.

Kaare Norge (plus unspecified band playing)

Frituna - EMI 6781042

This Danish guitarist has here produced a dozen very well – known Beatles songs backed by a number of instruments of a semi – popular nature, therefore in other words it is not an orchestra as such, although some instruments from an orchestra are, at times, there as well.

To be honest, I, at first thought that the album sounded very much like background music, namely the sort of style that you might find people aware of, playing in the background, but not necessarily sitting and listening to. However things quickly picked up and I was very aware of how freely Kaare Norge was performing these pieces, for he would often commence a semi – jazz like improvisation after first playing the melody quite straight. Therefore you were quickly made aware of how clever his playing was and it was that that kept you interested, and so the backing band were simply filling out the sounds, to enable him to be as free with his solo playing as the music demanded.

With that in mind, it soon developed into a very interesting album full of really adventurous solos, even if you might not necessarily enjoy the backing, and so if the music of the Fab Four appeals to you, this might just be something that you could find enjoyable. It is all very nicely recorded too.


Chris Dumigan

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