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Kate Clark and Nigel North : Au Joly Bois : Download

SERMISY : Au Joly Bois ; Tant que vivray : ARCADELT: O felichi occhi miei: CANOVA DA MILANO : 3 Fantasias; Ricercare (Lute solo) : SUSATO: Les miens aussi : PALESTRINA: Pulchra es amica mea : WILDER : Dump ( lute solo) : BASSANO : Ricercata terza (Transverse Flute solo) : CACCINI: Sfogava con le stele : FRESCOBALDIi: Canzona quarta per soprano e basso: THIBAUT DE COURVILLE : Si je languis d'un martire incogneu: GUEDRON: Si jamais mon ame blesse : HUYGENS: Que ferons-nous: VISEE : Prelude ; Entrée des Espagnols de Mr. de Lully; Logistille de Mr. de Lully ( Lute solo) : HOTTETERRE: Rochers, je ne veux point ; L'autre jour ma Cloris: Vous qui faites votre modelle : Première suite a) Prelude b) Allemande ‘ La Royalle’ c) Rondeau ‘ Le Duc D’Orleans’ d) Sarabande ‘ La D’Armagnac’ e) Gigue ‘ La Folichon’ .

Nigel North (lutes, theorbo; Kate Clark (Transverse Flutes), with Freek Borstlap ( Viola de Gamba)

Ramee RAM 1201

This is a very gentle album of a lot of quite short pieces, mostly written by composers whose names I must confess are new to me. Whenever Nigel North is playing you know that this player is simply one of the best lute/theorbo players around and that the album is going to be second to none. The transverse flute played by Kate Clark , does take the lead in the huge majority of this album, so of the 25 tracks presented here, there are 6 lute solos from North, 1 flute solo from Clark, 13 duets and the final five tracks of the Premiere Suite by Hotteterre, for trio, with guest musician Freek Borstlap on Viola da Gamba.

As this is music that probably the greater majority might never have hard before, let me say that it is all beautifully played and recorded, but that with this particular era of music there is not as much variety from one composer to another as you might be used to when listening to more recent music, but don’t let that put you off, because this really is a tremendously satisfying album of wonderful musical performances

Chris Dumigan

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