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Kathleen Kim & Jong Ho Park : Con Amores, for Soprano and Guitar : CD

CALDARA: Alma del Core; Sebben Crudele; Selve Amiche .

GIULIANI: Ombre Amene Amiche Piante; Fra Tutte Le Pene; Quando Sara Quel Di; Le Dimore Amor Non Ama; Ad Altro Laccio; Di Due Bell’anime.

FAURE : Les Roses D’Ispahan ; Songs Op 1- Le Papillon et la Fleur; Songs Op23 – Notre Amour:

HAHN: Chloris; Si Mes Vers Avaient des Ailes : Chanson Grises:

OBRADORS : 5 Canciones Clasicas Espanolas.a) La Mi Sola Laureola; b) Al Amor; c) Con Amores, La Mi Madre; d ) Del Cabello Mas Sutil; e) Chiquitita La Novia: El Vito.

Kathleen Kim (Soprano) , Jong Ho Park ( Guitar)

Decca : 4717959

Korean guitarist Jong Ho Park here takes an accompanying role to Korean – American Coloratura Soprano Kathleen Kim, in a recital that spans music from the 17th Century to the 20th, with five composers‘music represented here. The recording presents the music in historical order, starting with Antonio Caldara (c1670 – 1736), an Italian Venice – born composer from the Baroque period. Alma del core is an aria from the opera La constanza in amor vince l'inganno(Faithfulness in love defeats treachery), composed in 1710. Immediately, one finds Kathleen Kim’s voice beautiful, and clear, with none of that wide operatic vibrato that, for me at least, so often spoils a recording. All Caldara’s pieces are fresh and not known to me at all. The guitar playing is very clear and the recorded balance exceptional, with neither performer too loud in the mix.

Then the recording turns to guitarist Mauro Giuliani whose songs here are definitely original, not arrangements, as most of the other pieces are. Always very classical in style, Giuliani’s music is nicely performed and again, probably not as well-known as his solo guitar works.

As soon as the music of Gabriel Faure starts one is transported forward a century to a style that really suits the voice / guitar idiom, and therefore one is aware of how well they sound in their new environment, and are superb pieces, that lovers of Faure’s music would absolutely adore.

Reynaldo Hahn (1875 – 1947) was a Venezuelan –born composer who spent almost his entire life in France, and wrote hundreds of works in every shape and fashion. His music is profoundly influenced often by his mentor Faure, and hence these three pieces here are a fitting follow on from the Faure pieces .Again these very emotional songs are lovely to hear, completely new to me, and a nice trio.

The final works are from the marvelously named Fernando Jaumandreu Obradors (1897 – 1945),a Spanish composer primarily known for his songs. These six pieces are all arrangements but yet again, sound very natural as voice and guitar works and their obvious Spanish sounds make for a nice conclusion to this very varied, and beautifully performed CD by two musicians who I have not come across before. But if this CD is typical of their performances then I will look forward to them with eagerness!

Chris Dumigan

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