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Kazuhito Yamashita  : Hey Jude  - Yesterday : Double CD

BEATLES: 36 tracks

Kazuhito Yamashita

Crown Classics: CRCC 7012-3


I am well aware for just how legendary a player the great Yamashita is, how many dozens of albums he has recorded over the decades and how well thought of he is as a guitarist who has gone where few others have, before or since.

However, I must be honest in saying that after only a few tracks of this album, I felt the arrangements were messy. Yes, they were full of lots and lots of details, often also full of rasgueado strumming in nearly every song, but I felt they became so untidy in the attempt to make them so full of loud and involving details that it detracted from the actual pieces, that, as we all know are loved by millions.

There is no doubt that this man is a wonderful player, but I think that the way he has arranged these fabulous Beatle’s songs leaves an awful lot to be desired and I can only say that if you listen to any of these and find the arrangements and performances wonderful, then , fabulous! But I most certainly didn’t



Chris Dumigan

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