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Konrad Ragossnig and Walter Feybli :Tanze aus Spanien und Lateinamerika : CD

TRADITIONAL: Boleras Sevillanas ; Salamanca ; Villancico; De Blanca Tierra; Linda Amiga ; Buenos Reyes ; El Puerto ; El Pano Moruno ; Cantar Montanes ; Tutu Moramba ; Cubana: VILLA – LOBOS : Choros No1; Terezinha de Jesus ; A Canoa Virou : LAURO: Nortena ; Danza Venezolana  No3 : BARRIOS MANGORE : Danza Paraguaya : PONCE : Valse ; Tres Canciones Populares Mexicanas.

Konrad Ragossnig and Walter Feybli

Christophorus : CH 0022-2

The well – revered Player Konrad Ragossnig here teams up with fellow guitarist Walter Feybli , to produce an album that is  consisting of Traditional Spanish folk  melodies for a little more than half the album, the rest being pieces from some of the most well – known and well – loved Latin American composers.

Certainly the effect is immediately one of short energetic dances with melodies that many will recognize. The playing is of course first – rate, but then you would not really expect anything else. After the first three the tempo relaxes to bring in the beautiful De Blanca Tierra, before our first Latin composer enters with his famous Choros No1, Villa – Lobos. Surely this is one of the most well – known and revered of his pieces, and many will already have a recording of this, but this version is delivered in a most exciting fashion. Then Venezuelan player/composer Antonio Lauro’s two pieces are played, again both lovely versions, and well worth a listen, and he certainly takes the very famous Danza Venezolana No3 at quite a pace! Then we find the next three folk melodies, beginning with the haunting Linda Amiga, and continuing with the catchy Buenos Reyes, and finishing with the slow moving El Puerto, all very short indeed. Then we get Villa – Lobos’ Terezinha de Jesus a lovely work that is perhaps not as well – known as some of his others, but it deserves to be. After its unexpectedly false ending the next three folk melodies are next, with El Pano Moruno having very Spanish sounding harmonies, Cantar Montanes taking the pace down somewhat for its almost ballad style, and the final Tutu Moramba with its friendly sound that nicely finishes off the sequence. Then the duet version of Barrios Danza Paraguaya, a slightly less well – known version than the original solo leads to the group of Manuel Ponce pieces starting with the vibrant Valse, and continuing with the three popular Mexican songs, all beautiful guitar pieces that are deservedly very popular with guitarists, and here receiving  flawless playing.

The final Traditional piece Cubana is the penultimate piece, and bounces along very nicely, with its slow section in the middle providing a lovely contrast .A Canoa Virou by Villa – Lobos finishes the recital off, with a piece that moves along speedily with its unusual harmony work, but which nevertheless is a well delivered finale to what is a well performed and nicely recorded recital of friendly pieces that many will love.

Chris Dumigan


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