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Lincoln Brady : Torquay 1930 :

Lincoln Brady

This is a little waltz sub- titled English Waltz of only 88 bars, with an intro that says it must be played Freely; in the Jazz style of Django Reinhardt, and in true Django style the intro has a number of 9th chords in descending fashion leading up to a slightly enigmatic rising six – notes up to a deliberately unusual chord and harmonic note on top. Then the waltz proper begins with a major 7th melody over the bass note and intermediate chord or middle notes fashion. There is plenty of bar chords around that make this an intermediate piece rather than a simple one to play, but that said , short though it is, it is pleasant, unassuming, but keeps you interested throughout. After a short pause, the coda ensues with a two chord idea that repeats in a number of places, before a set of artificial harmonics rises up to a top A , and a final chord with a slight question in its voice.

Yes, this is a short piece, but utterly interesting to play, and would be ideal as a little item in a concert , as it is a waltz but it isn’t too derivative of the usual fare you might get when seeing the word waltz in the title, and therefore I can say that this piece is well worth playing.

Chris Dumigan

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