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Marcelo Fortin : Samba de Brighton for flute and guitar : Self – publication

Marcelo Fortin

Self - Publication : 6 pages

I could find very little out about this composer, except he appears to have written the music to three films, so without knowing for certain I would say that this work is the only one I could find for guitar in any form, although I could be wrong about that.

At 160 crotchets a minute, in the friendly key of A minor, this 139 bar piece in 4/4 is pleasant and the guitar writing is very clever and utterly playable which does seem to imply that either he does play guitar, or someone has edited the piece so that it is in fact playable on the guitar. Right from the outset it moves off at a fair pace with guitar and flute really needing good to very good players to cope with its difficulties. As the title implies there are lots of off – beat rhythms and as a result the two performers do have to have a good rapport to bring it off successfully.

As you might expect with a duet, both players get the chance to play the main themes and therefore good balance will be needed when the parts swap over from one to the other. In spite of the sped the guitar’s music does tend to stay in relatively familiar territory with no unusual writing to stop you in your tracks, and as for the flute player, they have to be very good throughout as it rarely stops , even for a moment.

As a piece it is friendly, quite melodic and tuneful, and in a musical area that many will know and appreciate. Yes, I have heard and seen better from other writers at times, but generally this is a successful piece that a flute and guitar duo will almost certainly enjoy getting into.

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