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Mauro Giuliani : Antonino Maddonni :Variations pour la Gtr Seule tirees 3ieme concrt Op 70:Bergmann

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Mauro Giuliani /Antonino Maddonni

Bergmann Edition: 13 pages

A famous work of Giuliani’s , the 3rd Concerto Opus 70 has here been adapted in a number of ways and for a number of reasons made clear in the Preface , but to put it simply , in this latest edition the transcription of the final Codas have also been added to each of the variations where previously they were absent. Moreover a Cadenza ad Libitum has been added by Maddonni serving as a bridge from the 2nd to the 3rd and final variation.

This is however true Giuliani from start to finish. The Andantino alla Siciliana theme is a 6/8 A Major theme, which is melodic and the easiest part of the piece to play, although it does reach right up to fret 12 at times. However the fireworks start with Variation 1, where the Dolce instruction belies just how difficult the demi semi-quaver runs are here. Variation 2 is in the Tonic Minor and a momentary break from the rushing notes in the previous variation. After this the afore – mentioned Cadenza enters, very much in the Giuliani style, followed by the final Variation 3, back in the Tonic Major, and by far the most difficult part, as the player has almost no rest from the intense small noted , often scale like passages of this final part. It all closes on a very exciting last few bars , and if your technique is advanced , and able to deliver this , and the other passages similar to this without difficulty, then this adapted piece will work really well in concert , and as such I can heartily recommend it!

Chris Dumigan

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