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Michiel Paulus : Sculptures Album 5:Bergmann

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Michiel Paulus : Sculptures Album 5

Michiel Paulus

Bergmann Edition: 7 pages

Sub- titled ‘Two advanced pieces inspired by Agustin Barrios Mangore and Antonio Lauro’, this volume is one of many by this Dutch –born guitarist/composer

The opening piece Barrieta doffs its cap to Barrios and is set in D with a dropped D 6th and immediately catches the ear with its warm, melodic harmonies and melodies. Yes, it is an advanced piece but everything falls very nicely under the fingers and whilst the positions do move around throughout the duration, it never feels forced, but naturally occupies the Barrios sound world.

Lauretta is, unsurprisingly a waltz with Lauro’s signature opening on beat 2 with a rising scale leading to a very effective and interesting melody atop some warm harmonies. There are moments again where the player has to race around a fair bit, but it all fits so perfectly under the hands that it is lots of fun and a pleasure to play, and I must say that if this is the standard of this man’s writing, then I want to see more of it. Fabulous!

Chris Dumigan

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