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Nick Fletcher : The Weeping Willow and Sonata No2 :DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

1. The Weeping Willow : 4 pages

2. Sonata No2 : 9 pages

Nick Fletcher

Published by D’Oz.

Reviewed 11th January 2018

The shorter of the two works here is by far The Weeping Willow, which although it might appear to be a gentle pastoral picture of a beautiful tree is far from it , being actually a lament for the millions of displaced people suffering across the globe. So at first glance the Allegretto and gentle waltz lilt of the opening section sounds a little incongruous but the harmonies following on gradually develop a more reflective , and then a sadder set of harmonies that tell its true story. The finger work is imaginative and has several moments where you need to double check to make sure you’re getting it right. A second, semi – tremolo idea takes over briefly before a return to the opening and a suddenly quiet coda replete with harmonics and a downbeat tambura chord full of dissonance and a pianissimo final low E.

The Sonata No2 is in three shortish movements and is homage to Giuliani whose musical style keeps creeping through the work’s harmonies, and in particular the final two movements which seem much more Classical in conception. The opening Allegretto giocoso dives around the fingerboard with hardly a let – up in a multitude of differing time signatures, whilst the Adagio Maestoso has some nicely unexpected turns of harmony, with the final Allegro being true to its Brillante description.

The first work is the easiest and a true crowd pleaser, whilst the Sonata is a tour – de – force, not for the faint of heart.

Chris Dumigan

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