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Pascal Bournet   : Impressions Latines : CD

BOURNET: Barocuayno; Impressions Latines; Brasileira; Pasillo; Vidala; Romeo; Bella Danza; Guapa; Morrina; Encantator;Vals; Los Andes; Barroco; Sons de Manha; Esperanza; Esquisse Fiesta;Huanuco; Esquisse Cuba; Tristamente; Chorinho; Exaltado;Noctambulo; Choro; Preludio Azul; Serenidad.

Pascal Bournet: and various other musicians (Classical, Acoustic and Octave Classical guitars, Flute Violin, Piano and Cello)

Kosinus Arts KAR 1034

French – born Bournet has his musical fingers in a number of different pies, and plays a multitude of guitars of all sorts, and on this CD writes the entire album, all 45 minutes of it. From the 25 tracks listed you will then realise that they are all quite short, which is definitely the case, but even though they will all be new to the listeners, they are bouncy, bright, colourful, full of extra instruments, as you can see from the list above, and lots of fun and great music if you are feeling a little down!

None of these tracks sit still for even a second, as they really do prove just how great a player/composer Pascal Bournet is. It is obvious that there is a fair bit of multi – tracking going on here for much of the time, but that only adds to the overall effect of impactful music that is lovely to hear.

So all in all, this is a great CD of something a little different to what you might already own, but that is not to put it down in any way, as it really is a beautifully played and recorded CD.


Chris Dumigan

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