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Randall Avers : Introduction to Note Reading for Guitarists : DOz

Randall Avers

Les Productions D’Oz : 67 pages

I’m sure that many teachers have encountered the same problem, namely the ability of a guitarist to read music quickly and effortlessly so that they can get on with the job at hand, namely playing this new piece they have just bought. I know I have had many pupils who have struggled to do just that.

This new book is the latest in a number of publications to try and make things easier for the new music /guitar reader. It is divided up into various sections, and begins with Why This Workbook, which summarizes how to apply language learning techniques to note reading, as the way to apply it is exactly the same in both instances. Then comes Getting Started, , that is split into a number of very carefully explained sections that address some of the questions the pupil may have when going through this workbook, and on its way goes carefully into the rules of reading music and how it works.

Then comes the four sections of Note Reading, split into Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Sound Variation and gives the pupil numerous exercises with many very useful tips and hints along the way. Everything is covered including accidentals, key signatures, note lengths ties, tempi, and many more.

By the time you make it to page 67 you should be perfectly able to understand how our music system, works, and apply it with little or no trouble, and that after all, is the reason for this book, which I found perfectly fine, very useful, and definitely a book for teachers to have a look at, and consider using it for their pupils.

Chris Dumigan

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