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Ron Wiesauer  :  September : CD

WIESAUER: Morning Sun; Sonata; September; Open Doors; Unexpected; The Detective; Three Short Stories; Exit Theme.

Ron Wiesauer

CD: Purchase direct from performer

Austrian born Wiesauer has his guitaristic hands in many different styles and in this album he opens up with what sounds like a double – tracked guitar in his Morning Sun a piece that after a slow beginning turns into a fast arpeggiated accompanying guitar topped by his almost improvisatory solo above it. This then returns to the slow emotional opening for a close.

Then he plays his three – movement Sonata which begins in a very quick – moving opening that literally sounds like no Sonata you may have come across, not that that is a criticism because, far from it, it is a fascinating piece of writing. The second and slow movement is an emotional and haunting piece with a very slow tread that continues throughout its journey, but even here there are some seemingly improvisational moments. The final movement takes us back to the very fast unusual style of the opening movement with harmonies that are unusual but fascinating in their content.

The title song is next which is full of sadness and slowly moving melodies and harmonies. This is another lovely piece

Open Doors is a bouncy very rhythmic piece full of almost 1930s style jazz music, and a complete contrast to anything before. This was a piece I’d like to see the sheet music for!

The tempo is very slow for the next track Unexpected, and again is utterly original and unique in its story – telling, and its musical framework, and another lovely piece.

The Detective is full of gentle action, and a lovely off – beat but gentle bounce to its rhythms, which then becomes very jazz – like in its solo work.

The Three Short Stories are exactly what they say on the tin, very short, less than 5 minutes in total, and very different and interesting in their details.

The final Exit Theme is equally short, full of jazz ornamentations and gently emotive in its harmony work.

So in summation, this is a very jazz – tinged album, full of music you most definitely won’t have come across the like of before, and yet is beautifully written and played and full of wonderful music that really appeals to the classical and the jazz lovers amongst you.


Chris Dumigan

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