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Thomas Duesmann : My First Peace : CD

DUESMANN: Survival; Unknown Silence; Espadarado; Summer Rain; My First Peace; Suddenly; Physical Groove; Between the Sun.

CD available from the artist –private print

German – born Duesmann wrote these pieces when he was in his teens, then promptly forgot them until he came across them by chance .Mostly of us have done something similar if we wrote music in our first years of playing, but not everyone has the reaction to them that Duesmann did. He realised that they were worth hearing and so proceeded to record them for this album. As he had already played in lots of different styles including classical, pop, picking, country style, slide and lap steel, these pieces have a remarkably individual sound that is very hard to categorise, although all of them are wonderfully recorded, superbly played, and probably like nothing you will have come across before.

You will not have heard any of them before, so it is a case of diving into them and seeing if they are to your liking, but suffice it to say that you can hear them, before buying, on various music websites, and they really are lovely works, and have lovely melodies and interesting finger patterns and nice friendly harmonies too, and all played superbly.

This is definitely one to have a try with.

Chris Dumigan

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