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Two works by Jean – Marie Raymond : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Two works by Jean – Marie Raymond

a) Rising Sun : 8 pages

b) A Minoru for two guitars :score and separate parts (7,2 and 2 pages respectively)

Both works published by D’Oz

Reviewed 24th January 2018

There are dozens of pieces written by this fine guitar composer, and all have that same finesse and musicality so prevalent of his style.

The solo piece Rising Sun is one of a number of pieces concerned with the country of Japan, its culture and its people, which is a subject dear to Raymond’s heart. This latest work however has no ‘orientalisms’ in the musical style but is entirely romantic , melodic and emotive all at the same time. Split into several sections this piece is more complex than usual and involves some tricky-to – play parts that do give you a moment’s pause when trying to work out the detailed fingerings. Nevertheless this is a fine piece of writing of a substantial nature.

The duet is a rather modest little work beginning with a Preludio introduction then turning into a 3 / 4 piece in B minor marked Ostinato Nostalgico where guitar two has a bass note/two chords part against repeating arpeggio eighth notes in guitar one .After a short time both parts harmonize over a rolling two – voiced section leading into a third section more waltz like in style with the second guitar taking the lead. A return of the opening sections leads to a morendo close of what is a short but satisfying little duet.

Both works are very typical of this writer’s fundamentally melodic style and any lovers of his music will enjoy these two pieces immensely.

Chris Dumigan

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