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Wilhelm Peterson – Berger : Lawn Tennis : Arranged by Stefan Wester for guitar : Bergmann

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Wilhelm Peterson – Berger: Arranged by Stefan Wester

Bergmann Edition: 6 pages

Wilhelm Peterson Berger (1867 – 1942) was a Swedish – born composer and critic, who , amongst other works , wrote six symphonies, a number of operas and concerti, and a substantial number of piano works, one set of three books of which was called Frosoblomster ( Froso Flowers), and which , in book 1 had a piece therein called Lawn Tennis.

Now, I am the first to admit that piano music doesn’t always fit that well onto the guitar and whereas I had never some across this composer, or any of his music before, I can state that, although slightly odd finger placings, and hand positions do occur in this piece in a few places, the work is lovely, and definitely individual in a number of ways, and one that was very enjoyable to get my hands around.

The arranger has altered the key from a slightly unfriendly Bb (for the guitar anyway!) to a much happier E Major, and a careful look at the original shows how Wester has removed the odd note here and there, so as to avoid the constant left hand arpeggiation on the original piano work, and placed the salient accompanying notes all around the fingerboard in a most imaginative and clever way .In doing so he keeps the feeling of the original without trying to put the constant left hand arpeggiation into the guitar version, and making it too obviously pianistic.

As the arrangement stands it does move quite a lot throughout a number of positions, and with Wester’s interesting and not automatically obvious fingerings in a number of places, it flows very well, and the piece as a whole is romantic, melodic, and definitely worth the attention of any players who have a good technique and a thorough knowledge of the fingerboard. As such therefore I can recommend this as a piano work that fits very well indeed on the guitar and is worth getting to know.

Chris Dumigan

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