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Anna Shesternina : Romances Based on the Poems of Sergei  Yesenin : Digital


 SHESTERNINA: I Do Not Regret, Do Not Call, Do Not Cry; Maple You Are My Fallen; Zolotayas Grove Dissuaded; Where Are You, Where Are You Father’s House;  Above The Window Month; Letter To Mother; I Left My Home.

Anna Shesternina :  guitar and vocals

Digital: Self-produced


Now here is something a little different, for Russian born singer/guitarist has here produced 25 minutes of songs based on the poems of Sergei Yesenin, and so this collection is liable to be something you really won’t have come across before .

The opening track I Do Not Regret Do Not Call, Do Not Cry is a poignant opening, very much a ballad with a quiet guitar accompaniment and an emotional vocal from Anna. The following track Maple You Are My Fallen, begins at first like it’s going to break into the famous Anon Romance, but manages to just veer away from that before the vocal arrives. Again this is very much a ballad, in the same style as the previous track, and the vocals, of course, are all sung in what I assume to be Russian!

Referring to the rest of the album, let me say that it is all completely on one level, as every one of the remaining tracks has the same feel, and so if there is a criticism to be made about it, it is that there is little – to –no variety in the musical pieces whatsoever, which may put some listeners off, and yet if you like the way this lady sings and plays, it may be absolutely just what you want .Up to you!


Chris Dumigan



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