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Carlos Bedoya : De Esquina a Esquina : GFA Spotlight Series : DOz

Carlos Bedoya

Les Productions D’Oz: 7 pages

The title (From Corner to Corner) refers to the Christmas celebrations in Medellin, Columbia where parties would be happening outside, with families cooking and dancing , and the fact that our composer used to go from one to another as a child growing up in this area, and enjoyed many parties as a result.

The piece itself is a bouncy piece, full of festivities, and with lots of uneven accents and off the beat rhythms usually in two voices throughout. This makes it far from easy, you will understand, and so players have to really have their wits about them when trying this happy piece of music out!

There are certainly one or two places where a little more fingerings and string identifications might have been a little more useful for a lot of players, as the piece hardly if ever relaxes, but moreover it just dances along from one end to the other never giving the player time to think where to go next.

It is definitely an enjoyable work, and most definitely for the moderately talented players, as anyone who doesn’t know the entire fingerboard yet will struggle, but apart from that many will love this piece and so if you want to investigate it further, I can only say that you will enjoy what you get.

Chris Dumigan

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