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Finn Elias Svit : Guitar Treasures : Double CD

Finn Elias Svit

CD1:- 1) PAGANINI: Grande Sonata per Chitarra Sola, (M.S. 3) in A Major: II. Romance, Più tosto Largo, Amorosamente; 2) H.RUNG: Presto, Op. 4, No. 3 : 3) F.RUNG: Idyl : 4) TURINA : Rafaga ; 5) PERNAMBUCO : Sons de carrilhoes ; 6) TARREGA: Prelude No. 5 in D Major ; 7) Prelude No. 7 in D Minor; 8) Prelude No. 6 in D Major ; 9) Capricho Árabe ; 10) Lágrima : 11) – 13) VIVALDI : Concerto In D Major For Guitar And String Orchestra: I. Allegro Giusto ; II. Largo; III. Allegro: 14) BROUWER: Estudios Sencillos: Etude No.6: 15) COSENZA: El Elefante, Op. 2: 16) SAGRERAS: El Colibri: 17) ALBENIZ: Zambra Granadina, Op. 92 No.7:

CD 2:- 1) PACHELBEL : Canon in D Major : 2) NARVAEZ: Mille Regretz, La Canción del Emperador: 3) Quatro Diferencias : 4) NEUMANN : Love Waltz (Kärleksvals) : 5) OLSHANSKIY : Po techeniu : 6) RATANAKARN : The Alma : 7) CARMICHAEL : Georgia On My Mind : 8)- 13) : GALL: Segovia in Sandiago: I. Allegro Rubato : II. Andante: Suite Vivat Noviomagum, Op. 16; I. Preludiana; II. Alla Fughetta; III. Sarabande ; IV. Rondo Trajanus : 14) GIULIANI : Variazoni su un tema de Händel, Op. 107 : 15) CUTTING : Mrs. Anne Markham's Pavan:

FES Recordings

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Danish guitarist Finn Elias Svit has a long career full of all manner of things guitar behind him, both solo, and his particular love, chamber music, with a large discography, many tours not only in Europe, but also the USA, Thailand, China, and Mexico, and has participated in many international guitar festivals, and as a jury member in numerous guitar competitions, just to name some of his highlights.

This latest double album is has been recorded over the last 20 odd years, and have taken place in a number of different churches , but don’t let that bother you, because the sound throughout this large set is summarily brilliant, clear, close but not too much, and vibrant, thanks to all the help he has had from talented technicians.

The repertoire is a mixture of all styles and periods, and from the well – known to the, to me at least, completely unknown. There are far too many works to comment on each one individually but highlights include a warm, elegant opener to the first CD with the 2nd movement of Paganini’s Grand Sonata, the Romance, originally for violin and guitar. Two completely new pieces to me were written by father and son Henrik, and Frederik Rung, from Copenhagen, the Presto, and Idyl, both lovely works that I find surprising haven’t become more well –known. An excellent version of Pernambuco’s Sons de Carrilhoes, then leads to six well – known Tarrega works, followed then by a full performance of Vivaldi’s Lute Concerto in D Major with accompaniment from strings and an organ continuo. A whirlwind version of Leo Brouwer’s Estudio No6 is followed by another new work to me, Antonio Cosenza’s El Elefante, a piece with gentle comic overtones, from Guatemala. Then we find Sagreras’ most well – known work El Colibri, a technical feat of playing that our guitarist has no difficulty whatsoever with, and which leads to the final track on CD1 in the shape of Albeniz’ Zambra Granadina.

CD2 begins with the famous Canon in D from Pachelbel, beautifully played and then after two fine performances of pieces by Renaissance vihuelist Luis de Narvaez, we get another work new to me by Ulrik Neumann, Karleksvals (Love Waltz) a warm romantic piece and another superb performance and recording. Anatoliy Olshanskiy’s Po Techeniu (Along the Stream) is emotive, and yet mysterious and with some lovely harmonies and melodies, and is a piece I would love to see the music for! Nutavut Ratanakarn is a Thai writer and guitarist, whose piece The Alma is again a wonderful piece of emotional writing that was completely new to me, and again if that is the standard of his writing then I want to see some of it! Then, something completely different crops up, in the shape of Hoagy Carmichael’s Georgia on my Mind, in a slightly unusual arrangement, but one that really works, by Borje Sandquist. Indonesian – born Louis Ignatius Gall provides two little suites of a total of 6 pieces, in a modern but friendly style that provided yet another lovely set of pieces, beautifully played, and in a completely different style to what has been played elsewhere. After a fine version of Giuliani’s well – known Variazioni sur un Tema de Handel Op107, we complete this recital with Lutenist Francis Cutting’s Mrs Anne Markham’s Pavan, cleanly and clearly performed as all lute pieces should be.

This is a completely lovely set of very varied pieces in some great performances, and beautifully recorded, and I can only say that anyone interested should give this a try!

Chris Dumigan

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