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Francisco Correa : Winterbourne : CD

GOSS: Winterbourne Preludes : HOUGHTON: Twelve Preludes Op79 :

Francisco Correa

Deux – Elles : CD DXL 1200

This almost 58 minute CD has two works, the first being Stephen Goss’ 12 Winterbourne Preludes, a review of the sheet music you will find elsewhere on my site here. Winterbourne itself is a village near to where Francisco Correa lives and immediately both composer and performer felt that this name ws very evocative, and so the pieces were born

The first thing that springs out at you with these pieces is how ‘other – worldly’ they sound. Great care has gone into making much of the music campanella in its effect, and then a great deal of laisser vibrer too, and add to that Goss’ unusual; harmony style, which is not tonal but modern, throughout and you get something that really captures you when you hear it. So one finds Xanadu, which is in three basic sections, which are based loosely on the three sections of Samuel Coleridge – Taylor’s poem Kubla Khan. Also there is the quiet and very moving Despite The Falling Snow, and the waltz – styled but slightly strange sounding The Blackpool Lights. In real terms however, all of these pieces are beautifully captured by Correa, and the end – result you are left with is a stunning recording of some extremely unique pieces of guitar music.

The second half of the recital is Liverpudlian- Mark Houghton’s Twelve Preludes Op79, inspired a little by Fernando Sor, who wrote many studies, and are short but often following a pattern whether it be an arpeggio pattern, or a musical one. Certainly Mark’s harmonies are nothing like as modern in style as Stephen Goss’s but nevertheless are a fine contrast as a result, and are all very friendly to hear, and often very different from each other, so that there is little or no repetition in the actual music.

As a result this beautifully recorded and played CD has two stunning works of great beauty that will be a CD that many will love hearing. Definitely one to look out for.

Chris Dumigan

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