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Frederic Costantino : Momento : DOz

Frederic Costantino

Les Productions D’Oz: 2 pages

This is a relatively short 51 bar piece, almost completely written in semi – quavers that move up and then down the stave, each time a different chord arpeggio. The first thing that struck me was it was almost Bach- like in this section, as it reminded me very much of the way that JSB would construct some of his Preludes for example. The music is continuously on the move up and down with a low sixth string E, and then a fifth string A acting as a pedal under the harmonies.

The continuous movement takes some practising to get it flowing easily and continuously, but then there comes a momentary lengthening of the note values in what becomes a 12 – bar amoroso melody in two and sometimes three voices. This then reverts back to the opening patterns, although not based on the same chord sequences until a gradual calming of the music brings the coda with a number of artificial harmonics to close the piece.

So in essence this is an interesting little piece, that almost doubles as a study but has some interesting melodic and technical content as well to keep players interested.

Chris Dumigan

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