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Guy Bergeron : Tryptuk for 3 guitars : DOz

Guy Bergeron

Les Productions D’Oz: Score and separate parts (8, 2, 2, and 2 pages respectively)

I raved about this man’s other book I saw recently, and here again is another wonderful piece, this time for three guitars ,and would you believe, has 10 performances by various trios on YouTube for any interested players to see and listen to.

It is a modest size, not quite 4 minutes in length but full of friendly music, nice warm harmonies and very guitaristic for all three players, and not too difficult, although you do need for all of the three players to be intermediate at least.

It is set in E Major in 4/4 time, and guitar 3 has mostly an arpeggio pattern that is slightly off beat ,and full of little touches that take it a little away from the usual. Guitar two has for the first section a long bass, followed by an off – beat chord, sometimes punctuated by a descending arpeggio, and the first guitar has the melody, often split into 2 notes. Gradually, as the piece progresses into the second section, the arpeggios, previously only really in guitar 3 now are found all over the three parts, in between the melody and a harmony line also played on guitar 2.After a further, and slightly slower section the piece briefly returns to the opening idea for its coda, without actually returning to its melody for one more time, which I found a little odd. In fact if the piece has a fault, I found it too short, and I wanted more. I also wondered about the unusual spelling of the title , which I couldn’t find any explanation for, and it wasn’t mentioned in any preface, but that is not of any real importance, it is just a comment.

All in all, this was a lovely piece of writing that trios of modest ability upwards, will really enjoy!

Chris Dumigan

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