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Juan Erena : Sofia : Digital

ERENA: Sofia: The Other Side of the World; Tiempo Para Un Silencio; Retratos de Mar de Luna (Suite Toxiriana); Song for a Life; Variaciones Sobre las Folias; Dos Reflexiones; The Best is Yet to Come.

Juan Carlos Laguna (gtr) and Sofia Rulloni (spoken dialogue)

Digital: Available on all the major digital platforms.

Of the thirteen tracks here, six are solos and seven have the lovely spoken voice of Sofia Rulloni, who I can only assume is the dedicatee of the opening solo Sofia. It is a warm and emotional little piece that is a fine first track to the album

The Other Side of the World begins with a dialogue from Sofia, before the guitar enters with a very sad, reflective little melody and becomes a hauntingly beautiful solo piece. Tiempo Para Un Silencio continues in the same manner with its lovely sad melody and as is often the case with this composer, many moments of unexpected harmonies, which really add to the pleasure of this listening experience. Retratos de Mar de Luna is a six movement suite all of which have an opening dialogue from Sofia, before continuing in almost always the same reflective mood of the previous tracks. This is indeed an album full of beauty and sad emotional music, beautifully played by Juan Carlos Laguna.

The longest track here is the twelve and a half minutes of Variaciones Sobre Las Folias, another wonderful piece of writing and a substantial work for any guitarists who might be interested to purchase the sheet music.

The rest of the pieces are every bit as lovely as the foregoing ones, but anyone looking for dance movements or fast exciting works are this time, going to be disappointed because if the album has a sound it is full of beautiful music that is generally low – key and the sort of music you would enjoy listening to late at night, when its dark outside. Fabulous playing, lovely recording, and great music. This is definitely one to get to know better.

Chris Dumigan

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