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Francis Kleynjans :Mes Derniers Feuillets : DOz

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Mes Derniers Feuillets

Francis Kleynjans

D’Oz: 70 pages

Reviewed 19th January 2018

This is a huge volume of 33 pieces (Opus 300 to 333 inclusive, except Opus 309 that is missing), and judging by the note in the front it appears that these are his final works for guitar, as he appears to be calling this his final volume of pieces, which is unusual as he is only 66, and the book says no more than that!

As it is, the volume is a vast array of small character pieces opening with a modest little Prelude in Dm, to a Tango, a Passacaille, with a run of artificial harmonics above the bass line for the last eight bars, and a Canon in the form of an attractive waltz.

Every one of the pieces is dedicated to a person or a place or item of fond memory, and so we have a piece called Sucre D’Orge (Barley Sugar) dedicated to a lady that has a lovely melody set in F with two main voices, one high, one low over a nostalgic set of harmonies , another called Amertume (Bitterness) dedicated to another D’Oz composer Jean – Marie Raymonde, with a sad descending melody over a rocking 6/8 rhythm , to a final Theme and Variations Je Tire Ma Reverence, dedicated to all who have enjoyed his music over the years, that is possibly the most difficult piece of the entire set.

There is so much to enjoy in this vast tome that anyone who loves this man’s music will not be disappointed.

Chris Dumigan

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