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Norbert Leclercq : 8 Papillons : DOz

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Norbert Leclercq

Les Productions D’Oz: 11 pages

Leclercq as written these 8 pieces as a set of progressive pieces that will hasten your improvement of pull- offs and hammer – ons, which are constantly in use throughout the entire set here.

So the set begins with Butterfly that is in two voices almost entirely, apart from the odd chord of more than two notes in a few places and the first thing that you notice is his slightly quirky harmonic style that makes for an interesting play. The Papillons title enables the pieces to have plenty of movement throughout, with a number of surprising elements that really do help your sight reading facility somewhat. None of the 8 pieces has a key signature, and therefore the key is often a little hazy in places owing to the slightly off – beat element in the harmonies, but this only helps to make the pieces fun to play.

This is a truly progressive set which by the time you get to No8, called Papillon, you are racing around playing triplet semi- quaver runs over much of the fingerboard.

This is a nice set, useful for a number of reasons and ins spite of that fun material too, so I think that any interested players might enjoy getting their hands on these 8 little miniatures.

Chris Dumigan

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