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Tatiana Stachak : Characteristic Etudes Book 2 :Euterpe

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Tatiana Stachak

Euterpe: 28 pages

The second book of characteristic studies are a mostly a little more difficult than book 1 and as in book 1 the music is very imaginative, not obviously too didactic, and yet every piece does have a technical reason for being written in that way. Therefore there is a fabulous Etude ‘Quasi una Tarantella ‘that really moves and yet is a really exciting play especially when attempted at the correct speed. The Country – Etude has multiple glissandi, hammer –ons and pull – offs and plenty of scope for true legato playing. The Blues-- Etude is lots of fun with chromatic sequences that really suit this style of piece, whilst in the Vivo, con Fuoco Flamenco – Etude there is plenty of scope for improving your right hand arpeggio technique. The lovely Harp – Etude is complex and definitely a step up in difficulty from some of the others, but is a really substantial piece on its own merits, as is the Etude – Tango Nuevo with its reliance on precise rhythmic playing, octaves and right hand fingerings.

There are twelve pieces in book 2 and none of them are page – fillers, but really worth getting to know, and are equally good for the teachers who have pupils who want to improve their technique with something a little more substantial than what often passes as a collection of studies.

I can only heartily recommend this very useful, yet very musical pair of publications from this outstanding composer.

Chris Dumigan

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