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Thierry Tisserand : La Java des Retros :DOz

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Thierry Tisserand

Les Productions D’Oz: score and separate parts (12, 4, 3, 3, and 3 pages respectively)

Here is another amiable and attractive piece from this prolific composer that is a relatively short 149 bars of Giocoso music marked for the straight quavers to be swung as so often occurs in his music.

Here the part writing is such that the majority of the melody falls to guitar 1, with guitar 2 providing the counter- melody and harmony work. Guitar 3 generally has the accompaniment chords, or arpeggios and guitar 4 has, usually, the bass – line. There are moments when that situation is not the case, but often it is so. As a result guitar 1 has the most difficult part, but it is all achievable by some modestly clever players, as nothing is too difficult, and as such this has the opportunity to appeal to a wide bunch of players as you don’t have to be stupendously good to be able to cope with it.

About halfway through there is a lyrical section at a slower speed, where the music relaxes momentarily around the key of A major, but after 30 bars the opening speed, and themes return for a final reconciliation and a rollicking rush to the optimistic coda and a non rallentando into a final thumping of two chords.

Lots of fun, this piece will get many admirers, as do many of this fine composer’s guitar works already, and he fully deserves it! A great piece.

Chris Dumigan

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