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Thomas Viloteau : Chansonate : DOz

Thomas Viloteau

Les Productions D’Oz: 8 pages

This is the second piece I have just received from this French guitarist/composer and like his Etude (reviewed below) he proves himself to be a guitarist who has a technique like few guitarists I have come across, and who writes, as one would, for his own technical ability. This piece is such a piece

Written for a 6th string to Eb, and in the key of Eb, the opening section is a very individual array of harmonics, mixed in a clever fashion, with a melody that never goes where you expect it to. There are numerous places where the piece stops you in your tracks as you try to fathom out exactly how a particular part needs to be played, for the voices that the piece is written in, and the way the music never sits still, and how the frequent use of numerous flats and sharps take you into areas you won’t have seen before, all help to make this a considerable challenge.

There is a performance of this piece by the composer on YouTube, with, I hate to say, a few differences to the score, which makes me wonder which is correct, the recording, or the actual printed score I have before me. The actual complexity of the music and the way it progresses down the page make this only for the very talented players amongst you, although as I said before, it is really a very different sort of piece that covers areas I have never heard before, and so really does show how talented a writer (and player) this man is.

If the piece sounds interesting to you, and you have a very good technique indeed, then take a listen to the performance on YouTube, and then get a copy of this work, for it is quite something!

Chris Dumigan

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