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Vincent Lindsey – Clark : Elegy for Dipa : DOz

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Vincent Lindsey – Clark

Les Productions D’Oz : 6 pages

This haunting little piece is written in memory of the mother of one of the composer’s friends and so begins Lento Doloroso with a reflective little motif on harmonics first, before turning to natural notes a few bars later. The emotional content of this opening section is very prominent and the part writing is full of sad harmonies and some beautiful moments. The piece moves around the fingerboard a little but nothing is too tricky for a decent player.

In the middle the minor key turns major and one gets the idea that here is a happy memory of the lady concerned, until the minor key returns and the pieces winds to its inevitable and sad close with a return of the motif in harmonics again, similar to the beginning.

This is a beautiful little piece of 3 or 4 minutes length, and a very worthwhile piece to play and enjoy whilst you do.

Chris Dumigan

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